5 Things to Do With Your Kids this Summer

5 Things to Do With Your Kids this Summer

Summer is just around the corner and the No-Boredom Express is ready to leave the station. You know what we’re talking about, the occasional complaint of boredom, the insistence there’s absolutely nothing to do, or anything to eat, and all eyes are on you, as if you have all of the answers. This six week break won’t be like the holidays of the past. You’ll have a plan in place, even if it’s telling them to go outside and not to come back until the streetlights come on… failing that, or if your kids are more event orientated, we have five fun things to do with your kids ready to roll that won’t feel like out-of-touch parenting tips.

Learn to Code with Your Kids

When was the last time you learned alongside your kids, teasing out problems and letting them take the lead? CodeMonkey is an online platform that combines education and gamification, ensuring curious minds stay occupied with treats they can use at school and later down the line. They’ll enjoy themselves so much, they won’t even realise they’re learning! Put aside an hour every day and watch them gain confidence in their newfound skills, discuss coding and find out more together!

Cool Off at the Pool

As far as holiday tips for parents go, pool or beach time is pretty standard… for good reason. While we’re invested in giving you new stuff to do with your tribe, some of the tried and true traditions still stand up to the Aussie weather, including taking long dips in the ocean or the local pool. No matter how old you are or where you’re from, nothing beats slipping on a bathing suit, packing the kids in the car and keeping an eagle eye on them as they frolic happily with their friends. Just remember to slip, slop, slap!

Send them to a Creative Camp

Six weeks is a long time to go without pushing the limits of their problem solving, logic and creativity skills. Junior Engineers delivers a hands-on STEM experience to school-aged children, transforming science from boring school stuff to brilliant holiday fun in a mere matter of hours. Your little people will be treated to a curriculum that will make them think, challenging their minds and fingers to become creators, not just consumers. Who knows, they might even come home with a new robot friend they designed and built themselves!

Start a Business Together

Are you raising a budding entrepreneur? Funnel their energy into creating a new business, dreaming up everything from brand names to slogans, detailing what they’ll sell, how they’ll distribute it and who they’re selling to. As with our coding pick, let your young mogul make most of the decisions – you’re there as a sounding board, not a co-director! Once they have an idea, why not help make it happen? Creating a simple ecommerce website is easy enough if you muddle through tutorials together.

Explore Your Neighbourhood with Geocaching

It’s time to stretch those legs and dust off those orienteering skills! Geocaching is the unlikely offspring of good old fashioned treasure hunting, geography and physical fitness, taking geocachers on a trek across their local areas in search of goodies. Download the app and sign your family up, following the trail instructions until you find your first cache – don’t forget to pay it forward either! The troves you uncover were left there by other geocachers; if you’re stuck on what to leave behind, ask your kids or explore online forums together for awesome ideas.

Most of all though, have fun. Summer holidays are all about exploration, so make sure you set some time aside to be a big kid and uncover whatever your local area has to offer together. 

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