All About Minecraft Programming for Kids

Over the last 4 years, the famous video game Minecraft has also become the most popular coding platform for kids. As Minecraft moved to the classroom, coding became viewed as a fun and entertaining activity anyone can do, rather than a tedious task reserved for a very smart select few.

What is Minecraft?
Minecraft, released in 2009, is a user creation game. It has won numerous awards and is the most downloaded game in history. What we mean by a user creation game is that the user enters a simulated world with no rules. Users can create their own environment by moving, modifying, destroying and creating their own Minecraft blocks. People have been able to build amazing replicas of different worlds, including Hogwarts from Harry Potter, castles from Lord of The Rings and much more. Minecraft’s world allows users to express their creativity and build anything that comes to their mind!

How is Minecraft Used in Schools?
Code.org and Microsoft came together to introduce Minecraft coding to children aged 7 years and up. Students can enter into the Minecraft world while learning different coding languages, including block-based drag and drop coding (perfect for beginners)! Through the development of mods and solving problems with trial and error, students quickly learn to think logically and creatively.

More importantly, through Minecraft’s gamified education, students will not only learn the core concepts of programming but will develop an enjoyment and desire to create their own coding projects outside of Minecraft! If you are interested in enrolling your child in Minecraft education lessons, we recommend visiting CODEFLIX!  CODEFLIX is the leading video streaming platform that houses countless hours of fun, engaging and educational coding videos for kids, including an entire library of just Minecraft projects which your child can follow along with.

At Junior Engineers we’re focused on preparing the future generation of coders. Our award-winning programs are designed to keep children of all ages and abilities engaged. If you’re unsure how to involve your child in Minecraft coding courses, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our webpage to learn more.

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