All About Scratch Programming for Kids

Scratch is ideal for younger children who are new to programming. The Scratch platform provides a visual drag and drop interface that removes the frustration of typing. Scratch’s ease of use allows children to express their creativity through building their own animations, interactive stories and games.

When children begin to learn coding in Scratch, the main goal is for them to understand concepts, ideas and workflows about programming and computational thinking. By teaching them in a gamified and engaging environment, children will develop a deeper interest and desire to study code!

Benefits of Learning with Scratch
Scratch, developed by MIT, is a drag and drop editor based on blocks coming together as a puzzle. However, don’t let the simplicity deceive you. Scratch is an extremely powerful program that can be used to develop large projects with gradually increasing difficulty.

Much like a puzzle, Scratch develops logical thinking through the search for different solutions. Scratch teaches children to be creative, resourceful and organised when testing for solutions to a specific task. Through trial and error, Scratch’s blocks can instantly change sound, movement and much more. Allowing children to harness their creativity and build whatever comes to their brilliant minds! Scratch can be used by children aged as low as 6 years old, or when they become fluent at reading.

How to Start with Scratch
Installing and launching Scratch couldn’t be any easier! It runs on any device without problems. In fact, Scratch doesn’t require any downloads. It’s a web-based program, meaning any device that can connect to the internet can use Scratch. Simply visit Scratch’s web address here, to get started!

Additionally, we recommend creating an account with Scratch. Although it’s not necessary to have an account, without one your children won’t be able to save their projects. Don’t worry, creating an account on Scratch is free!

What Should My Child Build?
Scratch has its own tutorials and resources which your children can follow. However, we recommend checking out CODEFLIX!  CODEFLIX is the leading video streaming platform that houses countless hours of fun, engaging and educational coding videos for kids, including an entire library of just Scratch projects which your child can follow along with.

Have fun coding!

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