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The ideal pathway to learning code, expertly structured to engage and teach any level of student. Gain a sense of confidence and accomplishment by completing the various modules, learning block based code, text based code, and more!

Coding Adventure provides an easy entry into text-based coding, by offering a game-based coding platform containing over 420 challenges. Coding Adventure has been designed for beginners and provides students with a linear pathway of challenges.

After completing over 420 challenges in Coding Adventure, students can take their next step in coding! Game Builder lets students apply their coding skills to build real computer games which they can share with peers, friends and family.

Finally, students are able to test their understanding of concepts and apply their knowledge to developing their own coding challenges. Students can share their creations with their parents, peers and the world.

Banana Tales teaches students fundamental and advanced Computer Science concepts in the world’s most popular coding languages – Python. This module offers engaging game-based challenges , recommended for advanced students seeking to extend their coding skills in text-based coding.

Coding Chatbots paves the way for students to learn text-based code through the programming language of Python. Chatbots are a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users.

Enhance the way students practice maths with a fun cross-curricular platform by CodeMonkey. Using a real coding language, students will solve different maths puzzles and use code to help a Dodo bird reach its eggs!

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