Real Coding Language

Used by real software developers, your child will learn a real coding language called CoffeeScript.

Suitable for All

Kids learn to code in their own time, in the comfort of their own home.

Learn through Game Play

Via educational gaming, your kids will have so much fun, they won't realise that they are learning.

From Player to Creator

Your child develops the skills to take them from playing games, to learning how to create them.

Over 10 Million Users

Over 10 million kids worldwide choose CodeMonkey to equip them with the 21st Century skills critical to succeed in a digital world.

Track Progress

CodeMonkey's automated grading systems provide immediate feedback which lets you track your child's learning and progress

How Codemonkey Works

In a world dominated by technology, you’d be bananas not to equip your little monkeys with the 21st century skills essential to their generation. When it comes to preparing kids for the future, there are few skills more important to learn than computer coding!  

Introducing CodeMonkey – the leading online coding platform for kids. The online platform is a fun, safe and educational, game-based environment where kids learn to code.  No prior experience is required!

As the leading online coding platform, we bring the fun back into learning with step-by-step tutorials utilising fun and familiar characters your kids will love.   Your little monkey will transform from a consumer of technology into a creator before your very eyes. They will start with learning the foundations of coding via the Coding Adventure modules and then they will progress to developing their own apps and games with the Game Builder and Challenge Builder modules.

Learning to code with CodeMonkey helps your child build fundamental skills in the areas of maths and literacy as well as problem solving and critical thinking; all essential skills our children need to succeed in a tech driven society.  

Students as young as seven can join our platform and start to see the benefits of learning code from day one.   It’s time to equip your child with these essential skills and Code Monkey is the best way to do it. Swing into our platform with proven student outcomes and join more than 10 million children worldwide in shaping the world of tomorrow.

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Coding Adventure

Coding Adventure provides an easy entry into text-based coding, by offering a game-based coding platform containing over 420 challenges. Coding Adventure has been designed for beginners and provides students with a linear pathway of challenges. In the challenges, students program a monkey to catch all of the bananas on the screen. Each solution is then checked and graded automatically. Students also receive personalised hints and tips to help facilitate their progress along the way at a pace that is right for them. This feature of the platform renders it appropriate for a broad range of levels and learning styles. By undertaking the challenges, students learn a real, text-based programming language and can utilise their new skills in coding to design and build their own digital creations.

Game Builder

After completing over 250 challenges in Coding Adventure, students can take their next step in coding by moving from learning and writing to creating with code! Game Builder lets students apply their coding skills to build real computer games which they can share with peers, friends and family. The Game Builder module also allows students to design swipe/ touch interface games for mobile devices.

Challenge Builder

Finally, students are able to test their understanding of concepts and apply their knowledge to developing their own coding challenges. Students can share their creations with their parents, peers and the world. Through sharing, users will enjoy technology as part of explorative and creative processes.


2019 Whatson4kids Winner

Best Educational Online/Digital Program for Kids

CODiE 2018 Winner

CodeMonkeys granted CODiE 2018 SIIA CODie awards winner

CSForAll Consortium

Official CSForAll Consortium member, partner in education

Proven Student Outcomes

Featured in product hunt in most-upvoted-in-game list

kidSAFE Certified

Featured in product hunt in most-upvoted-in-game list


The program is completely web based and does not require any installation, making it quick and easy to setup.


(per year) Less than $1.20 per week
  • No software required
  • Used by 6 million kids worldwide
  • Suitable for ages 7+ & all exp. levels
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