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In a world dominated by technology, you’d be bananas not to equip your little monkeys with the 21st century skills essential to their generation. When it comes to preparing kids for the future, there are few skills more important to learn than computer coding! CodeMonkey is an winning game-based coding course where kids learn to code without any prior experience.

Kids Love Learning To Code With CodeMonkey!

Gamified Courses and Projects

Gamified Courses & Projects

Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilises gaming elements.

Self Guided Challenges


No previous experience needed. Each course includes instructions and user-adapted hints and tips.

Real Coding Languages

Real Coding

CodeMonkey’s courses teach text-based coding so kids learn to program like a real developer.

400 x 400 (1)


CodeMonkey’s automated grading systems provide immediate feedback which lets you track your child’s learning and progress.

Over 10M Users

Over 10M Users Can’t Be Wrong

Over 10 million kids worldwide choose CodeMonkey to equip them with the 21st Century skills critical to succeed in a digital world.

What's Included

Coding Adventure provides an easy entry into text-based coding, by offering a game-based coding platform containing over 420 challenges. Coding Adventure has been designed for beginners and provides students with a linear pathway of challenges.

After completing over 420 challenges in Coding Adventure, students can take their next step in coding! Game Builder lets students apply their coding skills to build real computer games which they can share with peers, friends and family.

Finally, students are able to test their understanding of concepts and apply their knowledge to developing their own coding challenges. Students can share their creations with their parents, peers and the world.

Banana Tales teaches students fundamental and advanced Computer Science concepts in the world’s most popular coding languages – Python. This module offers engaging game-based challenges , recommended for advanced students seeking to extend their coding skills in text-based coding.

Coding Chatbots paves the way for students to learn text-based code through the programming language of Python. Chatbots are a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users.

Enhance the way students practice maths with a fun cross-curricular platform by CodeMonkey. Using a real coding language, students will solve different maths puzzles and use code to help a Dodo bird reach its eggs!

Parent Testimonials & FAQs

CodeMonkey delivers an awesome coding experience your kids will draw on for years to come. Combining learning and gamification, our online coding platform is the perfect educational treat for curious minds with a passion for STEM and technology. Re-frame the way they feel about learning with our award-winning resource. With CodeMonkey, every child can learn to code within a matter of hours. They will have so much fun, they won’t realise that they are learning.

Yes! CodeMonkey is exclusively delivered online, offering self-paced learning via game play. Login anytime from anywhere, without the hassle of driving to and from another appointment. Great for kids, better for parents and your busy schedule.

Yes! Junior Engineers and CodeMonkey equip Aussie children with transferrable skills targeted at 21st century jobs. Think about the digital technologies you engage with at home and work… maintaining these essential parts of everyday life requires skilled workers to ideate, create, maintain and innovate the next updates, keeping up with technological developments. Give your child an edge by engaging their passion for STEM – learning with our programs is so fun, it doesn’t feel like learning at all.

Yes! With CodeMonkey, students begin their learning journey with a text-based coding language called Coffeescript (refined version of JavaScript), while advanced students wrap their heads around Python – two very popular coding languages used by coding professionals, all around the word. CodeMonkey also offer block-based, drag and drop coding for younger students.

CodeMonkey’s grading systems is completely automated, delivering immediate feedback to you and your child, making tracking progress easy.

Although we believe children should be exposed to coding and STEM related courses from a young age, CodeMonkey and Junior Engineers cater to children and teens between the ages of 7-16. Join our newsletter to stay on top of any changes as they happen!

Junior Engineers and CodeMonkey are two branches of one pioneering body dedicated to enriching, educating and engaging Australian kids in ways that matter to them. We recruit only the best instructors and content developers, ensuring our online platform is always bursting with new content and our in-class experiences sing with excitement and educational possibility. From low student to instructor ratios, engaging characters, measurable skills testing and much more, watch your child gain confidence with Junior Engineers and CodeMonkey. Ignite their love for learning to code with our proprietary syllabus!

Coding is an essential addition to everyday education. Coding languages build on reading, writing, counting, comprehension and creativity skills, helping children to understand and engage with technology as it relates to them and their future. Understanding the inner workings of code helps kids on their way to becoming creators instead of consumers in a highly tech-based society.

Not at all. CodeMonkey is an all-inclusive online coding platform. All you need is an internet connection and your favourite device (CodeMonkey works on tablets and computers).

CodeMonkey has been translated into 18 languages with more on the way. Change your language by clicking on the menu and choosing the correct flag.

Awards & Achievements

2019 Whatson4kids Winner
Best Educational Online/Digital Program for Kids

CODiE 2018 Winner
CodeMonkeys granted CODiE 2018 SIIA CODie awards winner

CSForAll Consortium
Official CSForAll Consortium member, partner in education

Proven Student Outcomes
Featured in product hunt in most-upvoted-in-game list

kidSAFE Certified
Featured in product hunt in most-upvoted-in-game list

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