Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development For Teachers

Junior Engineers is proud to offer a range of professional development programs to help build teacher capability in order to support the delivery of the Digital Technologies Curriculum in a fun and engaging manner.

Our workshops have been developed by qualified teachers who specialise in STEM and understand effective pedagogy and the Digital Technologies Curriculum. Each program is delivered by our team of qualified teachers who will extend your capabilities so you’re left feeling confident in your ability to integrate digital technologies into your classroom.

We recognise that teachers have differing levels of experience with digital technologies, so we have developed a range of programs of varying complexity in order to align the content to your experience level.

By the end of each program, you will leave with the confidence to start teaching coding in an engaging way that achieves the best outcomes for your students.

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We are also able to tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of your teachers. To find our more, get in touch today:

Program 1: Integrating Digital Technologies into the Broader Curriculum

Overview: Pedagogical methods to incorporate technology into the broader curriculum:

  • Cross curricular opportunities
  • Utilising design and digital technology content descriptors
  • Collaborative learning

Program 2: Teaching Resources and Tips to Deliver the Digital Technologies Curriculum

Overview: Equip yourself with resources, tips and lessons that will support your delivery of the Digital Technologies Curriculum:

  • Access teaching tools and resources
  • Understand how the resources support the delivery of the Digital Technologies Curriculum
  • Access useful websites and programs
  • Operate in a blended BYOD environment

Program 3: Coding with Micro:bits

Overview: Implement great lessons using Micro:bits to deliver the Digital Technologies Curriculum:

  • Learn how visual block code can control a Micro:bit, including live demonstrations
  • Learn a basic coding language and its interaction with more advance languages
  • Discover practical approaches for teaching young students to program using Micro:bits

Program 4: Block-Based Coding with Scratch

Overview: Learn about visual block-based coding and how to use it to create immersive STEM experiences in your classroom which are linked to the Digital Technologies Curriculum:

  • Learn to teach Scratch beyond the basics
  • Understanding how coding with Scratch links to the Digital Technologies Curriculum and what content descriptors are being covered
  • Assess student achievement when using Scratch

Program 5: Text-Based Coding through Gamification with CodeMonkey

Overview: Implement text-based coding into the classroom with ease using CodeMonkey, the leading, online coding platform for kids:

  • No prior experience required to successfully start teaching students text-based coding
  • Understanding how text-based coding links to the Digital Technologies Curriculum and what content descriptors are being covered
  • Access fully-guided lesson plans and a repository of video tutorials
  • Orientation to the teacher dashboard to monitor student progress
  • Automated grading to minimise administration
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