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Now you’ve seen the little thing that came out the other day, apparently by 2031, one in two Aussies will need some sort of programming app or software and website development or robotic skills. So what does that mean for our kids? Adam? He’s going to do well let me He knows what kids are into these days what they should be into. How are you mate?

Adam Jacobs 0:16
I’m very well, how are you?

Radio Host 0:19
Well, kids are back at school. I’ve got a 13 year old who keeps saying to me schools irrelevant. Why should I bother? He’s 13. He’s got his own online marketing company developing apps. And he’s actually making money online, which is incredible. Because I shake my head at everything he does. So when he says I shouldn’t go to school, should I let him pull out a 13? Or do I need to keep him going?

Adam Jacobs 0:43
Cool. Look, I run an educational business. So I’m always for education. I’ve been brought up that you got to finish school. So you know, I would always suggest that he would do that.

Radio Host 0:53
Okay. So we’ve seen this research that’s came out about, you know, streaming entertainment and kids are, you know, looking at this sort of activity all the time streaming is part of their life, they used to video on demand. And I’ve heard about this thing called CODEFLIX. Are you aware of that?

Adam Jacobs 1:08
Yeah, well, that’s something that we’ve proudly produced. So CODEFLIX is an online streaming service. But the best thing about it, it’s actually teaching kids to stream the right content. So it’s video tutorials about how to code and all the fun things that will really set them up for future success.

Radio Host 1:28
So I’m hearing that schools should be getting into coding, there’s probably not enough in the even the Queensland education system that actually offer that as a subject. And that’s a real issue now, isn’t it?

Adam Jacobs 1:37
Well, spot on. But interestingly, as of this year, coding has become part of the curriculum here, actually, all around Australia, but particularly in Queensland. The level of coding is really exposure to coding. So it’s getting kids to understand skills like computational thinking, and you know, and logical thinking, but it doesn’t necessarily give them real skills that they can use later on in life.

Radio Host 2:04
So CODEFLIX, which is out there for kids, do you access it by just doing a Google search for CODEFLIX?

Adam Jacobs 2:10
Yes if they do a Google search, they’ll be able to access that no problem.

Unknown Speaker 2:18
So kids will actually learn how to hack Minecraft with this?

Adam Jacobs 2:22
Spot on. Minecraft is such a popular game these days. But let’s teach kids how to actually apply some coding skills to be able to create and modify their favourite game.

Radio Host 2:34
So that’s what I see my kids are into, you know, our develop this city or this town, or they’ve created this… They have a competition amongst their friends as to who can create, you know, something, fantastic through Minecraft, which has been around for a long time. But that is your basic that’s probably where they should be starting at, what 19 years of age, even earlier?

Adam Jacobs 2:53
Yeah, well, they suggest that if you wait till later than grade 10, to encourage them to get into a particular field, you’ve lost them. So we start off our kids as early as grade two with very simple drag and drop coding. As a grade four, we’re actually teaching kids the same coding languages that professionals use in the workforce.

Radio Host 3:16
Do you think there’s any hope for anyone over 40 to learn this stuff? Or should they just, you know, just depend on the the younger generation coming through?

Adam Jacobs 3:24
Look, I do think you can teach an old dog new tricks I really do. But look, the reality is, kids pick up languages, much quicker than than adults do. It’s like German, or Mandarin, the earlier we can start the more proficient you are. But if you’re an adult, and you have a passion for this, whether you’re a kid or an adult, you start at the same point, when you learn how to code.

Radio Host 3:51
See, Adam, I get upset of Excel, that’s been around what nearly 50 years but 2030 is saying one in two Aussies will need some sort of programming skill. That’s not just because Instagram and Facebook are a central part of any workplace. But robots are now becoming a big part of the workforce and an ability to program and, and make those happen will be essential now.

Adam Jacobs 4:12
Yeah, spot on. So there’s this term called technological displacement, which is basically having technology replacing human human jobs. I’ve seen stats that up to 5 million jobs in the next 20 years will simply cease to exist. And and the way that we sort of characterise or class them, and the first one is to go the DDR, the dirty, dangerous and repetitive jobs, those that code the technology will always be in demand.

Radio Host 4:40
Someone said to me years ago when they moved from actually playing records and vinyl to off a hard drive, the skill will be not in just putting all that together, but actually programming the information behind it and how to, make all that work through all these different systems and I’m finding that’s where the jobs are more tech.

Adam Jacobs 5:02
Yeah, look, it’s the wave of the future. The reality is anything that’s technology based, someone has coded it to do something. I run a coding business, but the irony is, I’ve just gone back and bought myself a record player.

Radio Host 5:21
Love it and I love the word CODEFLIX, everyone knows what Netflix is about so any adjacent sort of imaging you can have to that is fantastic. So mums and dads, if they’re hearing this and thinking what’s CODEFLIX all about, you can be safely assured that it’s a teaching tool, a bit like the wiggles, just they’ll get more out of it.

Adam Jacobs 5:39
Excellent, spot on.

Radio Host 5:41
Alright, Adam, thank you so much, and what’s your company again, if people want to look you up and find out more?

Unknown Speaker 5:46
So our business is called Junior Engineers.

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