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For the ultimate, personalised approach to coding education for kids and teens, dive into private coaching with our qualified Australia-based instructors from $94/session. 

Online private tutor running a session
Online private tutoring for kids and teens

For the ultimate, personalised approach to coding education, dive into private coaching with our qualified Australia-based instructors from $94/session. 

Benefits of personalised tutoring

Private Tutoring: Received personalised content

Personalised content

  • Each class is tailored to your child’s learning style and experience.
  • One-on-one means 100% attention to get the most out of each session.
Better learning outcomes

Better learning outcomes

  • Promotes confidence to master content and succeed.
  • Children learn at their own pace.
  • Opportunity to concentrate on areas of interest and find new pathways.
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Convenience and flexibility

  • Access from the comfort and safety of your home.
  • Schedule session times that suit your lifestyle.
  • Learn all year around.
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Focused learning

  • Tailored projects to suit experience level.
  • No disruptions from other students.
  • Receive unconditional attention from the instructor.
  • Receive better instructor feedback.
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Online private tutoring for kids and teens

For the ultimate, personalised approach to coding education, dive into private coaching with our qualified Australia-based instructors from $99/session. 

1-on-1 online private coding tutoring with expert coaches

Completely customised and tailored classes for your childs’ learning capability, experience and interests! Junior Engineers’ course content is designed by experienced STEM educators. Set your child up with essential skills for the future. The next generation of entrepreneurs, digital artists, and tech superstars are learning to code now.

This program perfectly blends fun and education, leaving students with confidence in navigating the world of text-based coding. Students will become confident in Python’s syntax, and have a solid understanding of programming logic and key coding concepts such as functions, loops, if statements, variables, lists, booleans, and recursive algorithms. By the end of the course, students will be able to write simple programs in Python independently. 
Suitable for Ages: 9+


Using Minecraft Education, students learn how to code and expand the game they already know and love using drag and drop coding. In this fun program, students can modify, code and enhance the game and learn concepts like loops, variables and functions by making amazing things happen in their Minecraft universe.
Suitable for Ages: 9+



Using JavaScript, students learn text-based coding to solve fun and challenging puzzles and by developing classic games. Students will gain a thorough understanding of JavaScript, including loops, conditionals, variables, lists, booleans and functions through practical application. 
Suitable for Ages: 9+
Unique from Scratch taught as part of the school’s curriculum, Junior Engineer’s Scratch course has been designed to extend and enrich students’ experience with block-based coding and the digital creations they can develop. By the end of the program, students will have a sound knowledge of key coding concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables, lists, booleans and functions, how they are used in Scratch and how they are applied to animation, game development and digital art. 
Suitable for Ages: 9+
In this interactive package, students experience game development and coding mechanics in a unique virtual environment. A ‘Sandbox’ environment like Minecraft Education, ROBLOX is a complex interface with a vast number of coding activities and potential. Students work closely with our coding coaches to create Obby’s [obstacle courses], characters, and entire worlds. 
Suitable for Ages: 12+
Once a week from $94/session 

Get creative with the globally used coding language, Python.

Once a week from $94/session 

Learn real coding in the Minecraft universe!xxxxxxxxxxxx

 Once a week from $94/session

Learn text based code with the language of the web!xxxx

Once a week from $94/session 

Learn to develop games, animations & software with block-based code! x x

Once a week from $94/session 

Explore the ROBLOX world and learn to code with LUA.xx

Once a week from $94/session 

Learn to develop games, animations & software with block-based code! x x

Once a week from $94/session 

Code your own Micro:Bit device and learn to code with block-based coding or JavaScript.

Once a week from $94/session 

Code your own handheld retro game Mini-Tendo device. Program it with block-based coding.

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    How does a 1-on-1 class work?
    • Each session the student will interact with our qualified, Australian-based instructors in a live and engaging online environment.
    • The student will receive individualised support from their instructor.
    • It is our goal that your child will learn practical coding applications by completing various challenges and projects, gaining real world coding language skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These classes are designed for one student only. For each class, a student has the same dedicated tutor for the entire course block.

    The Junior Engineers instructors are trained in all Cyber Security and Duty of Care policies. The Virtual Classrooms are all password protected and only accessible by registered students or their legal guardians. The instructors are also trained to report any issues immediately to us at the Junior Engineers HQ.

    All the Junior Engineers instructors are highly qualified and trained STEM professionals. All our instructors posses Blue Cards, and have been thoroughly vetted and trained by us. Many of our instructors are University students, completing under or post graduate degrees in the subjects they are teaching.

    In each class, the instructor will explain and demonstrate the principles being taught and then allow the students to replicate the code or activity on their device. Then, the students can ask questions, discuss, share their screens and more. After a challenge has been completed, the instructor will move on to the next subject, and so on. 

    All levels of experience are welcome. Our instructors will tailor their classes in line with the student’s experience. To ensure an optimal class experience, it is recommend that each student know the basics of using a computer, such as sharing their screen, using a mouse, switching between screens etc.

    We allow for one more person (max two per class) to enrol, whether a sibling or your best friend to enrol. Ask about our sibling or introduce a friend discount.

    Each session is one hour.

    We strongly recommend using one laptop or PC, with an additional screen. One screen would be used to display the Virtual Classroom with a camera, and the other screen would be used to conduct the activity, write code or use software. Using this method, the student can try the challenges and activities on one screen, while speaking to the instructor on the other.

    Yes you can, as long as you live in NSW. Note you can only claim your Creative Kids rebate once per calendar year. To apply, visit: https://jnrengineers.com.au/creative-kids/

    Diving into the amazing world of code - from home

    Unleash your creative spirit, learn to collaborate ideas, problem solve, and complete small computer game projects in an immersive, interactive digital environment! Enjoy online learning at its best, with LIVE instructors and highly engaging activities and digital projects. Designed for kids aged 9 – 15, the classes are structured to enable each student to progress and achieve differentiated coding milestones!

    Super fun, interactive challenges for every level of experience

    Our qualified and enthusiastic instructors are trained to guide groups of kids of all levels through the fundamentals of coding, inspiring them to develop key 21st century skills.

    Mentorship from Australian based instructors

    Learn digital skills through gamification and challenge based curriculum.
    Kids get inspired by collaborating with instructors and classmates who share their passion for coding!

    Transforming education with remote STEM learning

    Distance or home learning opens up so many opportunities for kids from anywhere to dive into the amazing world of coding and STEM - while making friends along the way!

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