1:1 Javascript, 5 Weeks


Coding tutoring with JavaScript introduces kids to text-based coding and one of the world’s most popular coding languages, JavaScript.


5 week semester package

Prices: $99 per session

Suitable for Ages: 9+

About: Explore text based coding with the worlds leading interactive web coding language – Javascript. Javascript brings your web pages to life in unlimited ways, and can be used to create animations, interactive software, web applications and more!

Students will learn key concepts in Javascript by solving challenging puzzles and developing classic games. They will also explore how to develop software applications similar to Microsoft Paint.

How it works: Once you purchase the course, we will contact you to discuss your kids unique needs, level and convenient times for the courses! Have questions before you purchase? CLICK HERE to contact us, or call 1300 089 344 anytime!

Note: All course times are dependent on the availability of our elite instructors. We will work with you to find a regular time and day, so your child can build a relationship with one dedicated coach!