Online Programs – CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is an award winning, online game-based platform where students 7 years and older learn to code in a real programming language. The platform teaches coding through step-by-step tutorials, competency-based challenges and gamification. CodeMonkey is designed to engage elementary and middle school students in coding and provide teachers with a curriculum that they can utilise with no coding experience.

Used by more than 6 million kids around the world, CodeMonkey consists of 3 modules which systematically transitions students from learning and writing with code to creating with code.

Module 1 – Coding Adventure provides an easy entry into text-based coding, by offering a game-based coding platform containing over 400 challenges.

Module 2 – Game Builder lets students apply their coding skills to build real computer games which they can share with peers, friends and family. The Game Builder module also allows students to design swipe/touch interface games for mobile devices.

Module 3 – Challenge Builder lets students test their understanding of concepts and apply their knowledge to developing their own coding challenges.

CodeMonkey has been developed to be utilised by schools and teachers to seamlessly integrate coding into the classroom or utilised at home by students who would like to learn to code at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home.

The program is completely web based and does not require installation making it quick and easy to setup.

Although recommended for children 8yrs+ we believe it’s never too late or too early to learn how to code.


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