In a future dominated by technology, does it not make sense to equip our kids with the fundamental skills to prepare them for the 21st century?

When it comes to preparing kids for this future, there are few skills better to learn than computer coding!

It’s now fun and easy for children and parents to learn how to code with CodeMonkey – the leading, online, game-based coding platform that’s used by more than 6 million people worldwide.

CodeMonkey lets students 7 years and older learn to code in a real programming language. The platform teaches coding through step-by-step tutorials, fun and engaging challenges and gamification.

Real Programming Language

Used by real software developers, students learn a real coding language called CoffeeScript, where no prior experience in coding is required.

Game Based Learning

Students have so much fun, they don’t realise that they are learning! Each solution is checked and graded automatically, giving learners instant “stars score: feedback.

All Experience Levels

Whether you’re new to coding or have countless hours of experience, CodeMonkey has modules for every child and skill level.

Self-Paced Learning

Kids learn to code in their own time, in the comfort of their own home.

Proven Student Outcomes

Utilised by > 6 million kids worldwide, students transition from learning to write with code to creating with code on their own.

Suitable for Everyone

Although recommended for children 7 +, it’s never too late to learn how to code – parents can use the platform too!

Award winning platform

The online platform is the winner of countless international awards including

Best Coding & Computational Thinking Solution at the 2018 SIAA Codie Awards

The program is completely web based and does not require any installation, making it quick and easy to setup.

Please be advised that you will receive an email from Junior Engineers with your activation code and login instructions within 1 business day of purchasing the CodeMonkey license.




(Less than $1.20 per week)

  • No software required
  • Used by 6 million kids worldwide
  • Suitable for ages 7+ & all exp. levels