Funding Available for Schools – Women in STEM


Junior Engineers is pleased to have been awarded with a grant from the Federal Government as part of the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Program.

How Can Your School Benefit From This Funding?

Junior Engineers is utilising the Federal Government Grant to fund the development and rollout of the Junior Engineers Females in STEM Program (FISP), aimed at acquiring, engaging and educating females in grades 2 – 10 in computer coding and digital technologies in order to provide them with a skillset that will set them up for a future career in technology and encourage them to undertake STEM related qualifications at university.

The government grant funds schools to deliver coding education to female students utilising the leading, online coding platform called CodeMonkey.

CodeMonkey is an award-winning, interactive platform that enables students to learn a real coding language through gamification. The key feature of the platform is that it empowers teachers to confidently deliver classes in computer coding, without any prior experience in computer programming.  To find out more about CodeMonkey and the value of the platform, click here.

CodeMonkey is an engaging and interactive platform that enables students to learn a real programming language through gamification. The platform achieves competencies in the Digital Technologies Curriculum and has been approved by the Department of Education and Training as a curriculum linked, quality assured learning resource.  See its listing on the Digital Technologies Hub.

Get in touch to find out how your school can leverage this funded opportunity.  

About the Grant

The program was announced as part of the Inspiring all Australians in Digital Literacy and STEM element of the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

“STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

The program has been developed to support women in STEM and to eliminate barriers for women’s participation in STEM education and careers. The program supports projects that foster girls’ and women’s interest in STEM and entrepreneurship, develop their scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, build their professional networks, or other activities consistent with the program’s objectives. The program also provides funding to identify and celebrate STEM role models in science and research, entrepreneurship and corporate leadership to inspire school-age girls.

The program’s objectives are to:

  • increase awareness and participation of girls and women in STEM and entrepreneurship education and careers, including in schools through to university and to the research sector
  • increase participation of girls and women in other parts of the innovation ecosystem including innovative businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurial activities and careers
  • stimulate an increase in the number of women in senior leadership and decision making positions in government, research organisations, industry and businesses.


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