Is Your 10-16 Year Old the Next Bill Gates?

The Secret Value of Your 10-16’s Learning Coding and STEM in Online Classes

Technology is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50.

As parents in the virtual-school era, whether we are learning online by choice or necessity, we know the drill.

We find the relevant classroom links, set up the computer, pop them down with a snack, plug them in, and let the tutors on the other side of the screen take it away. And hey- it’s convenient, can be very effective and especially when the kids get to learn an extracurricular as in-demand as coding or STEM, it’s fun!

But suddenly, we realise that communicating through a screen, sharing screens, or even flipping between tabs – things that are so normal in our everyday lives- are actually not so easy for kids! Put the challenge of learning to code on top of that, and it seems not so convenient after all.

When kids learn to code online, magic happens

In this increasingly digital world, some of us might be sceptical about the true benefits of online learning. However, studies have found the benefits of virtual learning don’t stop at keeping the kids occupied at home.

Boosting motor skills and emotional development

Turns out, 1-5 hours of online gaming in e-learning environments can actually improve academic performance. According to the CBC, gamified platforms can be tools to improve social and emotional learning that can enhance problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. Additionally, learning seemingly ‘basic’ tech skills like sharing a screen is immensely useful!

Opening the doors to 21st Century skills and careers

Your child’s employability in the workforce may be the last thing on your mind right now, but as 74% of professionals are now forecasted to work remotely, the advantages of online learning are more apparent. The demand for skills in STEM is predicted to increase by almost 10% in 2022, compared to 3.4% for skills in other occupations.

Fostering teamwork and collaboration

Through online STEM learning, kids can meet other likeminded buddies regardless of geography. Studies have found online interactions optimises interaction and connection, which increases their engagement and emotional development.

Meeting mentors they wouldn’t otherwise

Coding tutors like at Junior Engineers are usually graduates of top universities, and are able to provide real world insight and knowledge to the students they teach online.

Apart from learning to communicate clearly, problem solve and get them ready for the digital future, learning to code online provides many more hidden benefits and opportunities – especially when it comes to giving kids the power to CREATE.

Empowering kids to CREATE and not just consume

Kids are capable of so much more than we imagine. When given the chance to prove themselves, create, invent and innovate, they show us that anything is possible. Especially when able to learn from anywhere with an internet connection, barriers are removed and kids can create and modify the technology they love.

This mini genius, Krish Mehra, age 9, led a TED talk showing how STEM education led him to creating two published apps in the IOS App Store, saying

Most digital things we do involve code, but only a small percentage of the world actually knows how to code.

In online learning environments, and especially when learning to code, STEM tutors from Junior Engineers are the first to speak the praises of the students. One of our tutors tell us:

“It’s amazing to see the kids work together to find the bugs or errors in each other’s code,” says Alex Wan, instructor at Junior, “they share their screen and have to communicate their decisions and ideas so clearly, which is not something that comes naturally. They really challenge themselves.”

Not only are kids able to walk away from class with skills that will equip them for the future, but they become creators of the things they love, rather than just consumers.

Learning online is leading the way for our kids to make real impact

Another Junior Engineers tutor, Diana once told us how much she loves it “when kids come to the online class with new code that they made in their free time, it’s so cool to see them confidently present their ideas. It’s easy to collaborate when you can just share a screen”

And no time could be better than now; as Bill Gates says

Technology is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50.

So, set up the computer, pop them down with a snack, plug them in and see what kind of amazing digital creators your kid can become from the comfort of your home!

Try out an online coding class with Junior Engineers here jnrengineers.com.au/online

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Alex Wan, Junior Engineers Tutor, teaches a Minecraft Education coding class

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