Self-Paced Coding Lessons vs Group Coding Classes

There’s no doubt that learning to code will give your children a headstart in their future careers. Beyond the technical skills, coding teaches children how to think logically, creatively and solve problems with experimentation.

In today’s blog we break down two styles of learning – self-paced or group classes. Read on to learn the benefits of group classes versus self-paced, and which is best for your child.

What Are The Benefits of Self-Paced and Group Coding Classes?


















Self-paced courses are exactly as the name sounds – flexible to your time and schedule, making it easy to balance other commitments and school homework. Unfortunately, this also comes with distractions, so it’s important to remain consistent and hold your children accountable! As self-paced courses are generally delivered online via video lessons or written exercises, not only are they affordable but there’s also a large range of courses available for students of different ages, coding experience and language. However, this comes at a cost. Without a solid understanding of code and the different languages, it becomes difficult knowing where to start and which courses offer the best learning experience.

By contrast, group coding workshops tend to be more focused and the structured programs lead to faster learning progress. Group programs are designed for learners to begin and build upon their past skills, in a collaborative, engaging environment. One of the best things about group programs is learning alongside other, like-minded peers, who share your interest in tech! When the content gets tricky, the instructors (or new friends) are available to help. More importantly, where self-paced courses lack, group coding classes are fully immersive and lack distractions.

Which style is best for your child?

When it comes to learning, there’s no one size fits all solution. One of the biggest benefits of a group class is that it offers a structured curriculum, so for those just starting out, they offer a strong foundation. With a solid understanding of the fundamentals, we find that self-paced learning is a natural progression. On the other hand, some children will simply prefer the flexibility and ease of self-paced courses from the outset.

Junior Engineers offers both self-paced online courses and group coding lessons for children of all ages. Check out our award-winning online course, CodeMonkey, or reach out to us and learn more about our after-school and holiday coding classes. Our low, 1:9 instructor to student ratio enables us to tailor content to our students’ abilities, whether they’re experienced or just getting started!

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