What Is CodeMonkey and Is It the Best Option for Your Child?

If you’ve been considering online coding programs for your children, you will most likely have read about CodeMonkey.

CodeMonkey is an award-winning online coding program with over 10 million students worldwide. We here at Junior Engineers are very proud to say that we’re CodeMonkey’s exclusive Australian partner.

In this blog we’ve brought together all the information you’ll need to understand CodeMonkey’s educational courses and whether they suit your child.

What Is CodeMonkey?

CodeMonkey is a self-paced online coding program for ages 7 and up. Although it’s designed primarily for children with no prior coding experience, some younger children with existing exposure to coding will still find it challenging and fun. CodeMonkey is also available in 18 languages – great news for non-native English speakers!

CodeMonkey’s program teaches real coding languages to children through gamified modules. Your child will begin by learning the foundations of coding via the Coding Adventure and then progress to coding their own apps and games within the Game Builder and Challenge Builder modules.

Coding Adventure offers a text-based coding platform with over 420 challenges. In each challenge, students must program a monkey to catch bananas and once completed, their code is checked and graded automatically, providing instant feedback if incorrect. Students also receive hints and tips along the way, allowing them to complete each level at their own pace. By undertaking each challenge, students learn a real text-based programming language which can be used in creating their own digital ideas outside of CodeMonkey.

After completing the Coding Adventure challenges, students can express their creativity by using their newfound technical knowledge to build their own CodeMonkey games and challenges.

What Your Child Will Learn

Firstly, CodeMonkey teaches a text-based language known as CoffeeScript, a great introduction to JavaScript, one of the most popular and powerful coding languages in the world right now. CoffeeScript’s easy to follow and friendly syntax makes it the perfect starting language for beginners and young students.

As far as what is specifically taught, CodeMonkey students will learn to create programs with the following foundational technical subjects:

  • Objects
  • Function calls
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Arguments
  • Variables
  • Keyboard and mouse events
  • And much more…

What You Need to Get Started

Just a computer/tablet and stable internet connection. CodeMonkey’s programs are entirely online and can be completed at any time.

CodeMonkey has helped 10 million children build fundamental skills in the areas of math, problem solving and critical thinking; all essential skills our children need to succeed in the 21st century. If you’d like to learn more about the program and pricing, visit https://jnrengineers.com.au/codemonkey/

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