Why Should Kids Code?

There’s been a lot of buzz and encouragement surrounding educational coding programs for kids, but are they what they’re hyped up to be? What are the benefits of children learning to code? The benefits that you can expect to see in your children are extremely important to any person’s career and daily life, these skills include creative thinking, problem-solving, logic programming and computational thinking skills. Dependent on your child’s age and experience, these skills will be reinforced over many years of programming education, which is why we think it’s best to start young!

Additionally, the benefits of learning to code extend far beyond the classroom and a student’s ability. Students who have experience with computer programming are more likely to get a high paying job after university. In fact, software developers earn 40% more than peers who aren’t programmers.

Besides work and computer coding, the methodologies learnt through programming can help adults and children be more efficient in their daily tasks. Whatever the task may be, the sharp sequential thinking skills strengthened by computer programming education helps people plan in the most efficient way possible.

How Can I Teach My Kids to Code?
Luckily, there are many resources available which are designed to keep children engaged and having fun while learning to code. When looking for coding courses and programs, we recommend using your child’s interests as a guide for how to get started. Are they interested in robotics? Websites? Games? Different coding languages and coding programs are designed to achieve different results, learn more about picking the right language here.

With younger children, visual blocks like CodeMonkey and Scratch can often be the most fun and engaging way to start. Some parents, however, may prefer to start kids off in text-based coding, such as Python. A good option can be to let your kids try both visual block and text-based programming to see which they prefer.

At Junior Engineers we teach 7 different coding languages, including visual drag-and-drop programs, to children of all ages and experience both in person and online. Having taught over 30,000 children over the past 7 years, we have seen many students develop into much more than just computer programmers! Our goal is to create fun and engaging coding and robotics courses to provide children with the needed fundamental 21st century skills. Learn more about our award-winning programs here.

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