Why we should teach kids to code at an early age

The experience of sitting in front of a screen and working with lines of code used to belong only to programmers and senior developers. These days, however, there are so many avenues for anyone to start learning code. But why should kids start coding? Isn’t it something they should worry about later? Why are platforms like Codemonkey so popular, with more than 11m users worldwide? At Junior Engineers, we think we have the answer. We believe that coding is not only for gaining 21st-century skills but also for developing soft and social skills! 

With Term 4 about to commence, we are getting ready to offer our coding & robotics clubs for primary and high school students. Here are some ways kids can adapt their coding skills to their everyday lives.

Becoming resilient in the face of challenges

Kids are able to become resilient as computer programming challenges them to understand that failure is not necessarily a bad thing. It becomes a positive learning opportunity for them to learn from their mistakes and allow them to achieve the results that they want. Twinkl, an online educational site which offers educational resources, has mentioned that many professionals (including us) agree that coding positively and progressively benefits our children in the long run; whether in their careers or emotional development. 

Becoming expert problem solvers

A great example of this is how coding shows kids the path to become excellent problem solvers! It enables kids to learn how to troubleshoot together since they will need to use math logically and creatively in coding. After successfully troubleshooting some code, we are confident that kids can use those skills to handle any hardship in any field. It is one of the fundamental life skills that kids should learn, which can eventually help them later in life. For instance, coding lets kids appreciate the fun of ‘debugging’. This involves a sort of ‘treasure hunt’, where the kids must search for the bug and the cause of the issue. Usually, debugging is done collaboratively with team members or the tutor. Even the most senior programmers at Apple, Microsoft, or Tesla must debug and search for code issues every single day!

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In-demand skills for the future

Bill Gates has been known to say that “technology will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50.” This is the heart of why we believe coding is so vital for kids – it is preparing our youngest generation for a digital future. With the infinitely advancing technological world around us, the demand for skills in STEM is rapidly increasing day by day. We know now that not all screen time is bad –  kids can really create amazing things and enjoy positive exposure to STEM even through their favourite games.

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